Penarrubia Lounge Cafe Bar : Alimos

The Penarrubia are among the most colorful shops of Athens, being staged in exceptional specifications that can support your city’s biggest activities, yet the most crucial parties of the city. It is set inside a new magical location that offers the most wonderful marine opinions that captivates and captivates all the feelings involving its thousands of consumers. From your first moment he was introduced to all day details, this individual monopolized the interest of most Athens because of the particular elegant and high quality character he constantly promoted. Experience that you are upon the best island, using the wonderful aura owning the location, Penarrubia provides also been called as a single of the most ideal areas for all hours of the day.

Situated around the captivating area, throughout the Alimos area, fully renovated plus renovated, having written unique course throughout all day enjoyable. All of over Athens, fanatically decides to become part associated with the most beautiful summer time experience, as this will be a shop that is definitely well structured and equipped to help meet all the tastes in addition to preferences of any room that will is constantly increasing. Penarrubia lounge This Mediterranean element includes modern design, in an region that has great probable for a variety of events in the Penarrubia summertime membership.

The Penarrubia club beachfront, has stunning water opinions and creates a good extremely hospitable and stunning environment, which immediately seduces anyone to become part associated with the idea. The shop’s food selection is very caught up, very demanding, with influences from Mediterranean sea food as well while international touches, which include lots of dishes and incredible Thai flavors, as it offers the best sushi in the metropolis. This excellent all time club-restaurant is a constant value for the area, and has a special aesthetic that promotes level of quality in all its pursuits.

The fun from Penarrubia summer Alimos begins earlier, with the best lounge music tracks starring there, plus monopolizing the interest connected with all Athenian audience. Like time goes on, typically the vibes intensify, moving in all streams, from the all-time favorite mainstream, to be able to Rnb sounds. Countless quite high user profile parties have taken spot there, as it is the only shop the fact that can support such mishaps through its excellent structural composition, visible effects, and visual effects.

The Penarrubia bistro bar is this perfect summer season destination to get all-day amusement the fact that produces the absolute highest quality and quite a few stylish items you can find around Athens. With its stunning opinions, it has the magical location and even the very summertime environment, the idea invites you for you to turn out to be a part connected with the most beautiful summer season encounter.